Welcome toOne Eye Island!

One Eye Island is a utility NFT project that allows holders to own a piece of a private island equivalent to their Cyclopes holdings. There are 7,000 unique one-of-one Cyclopes that owners can use to flaunt their private island ownership.

What are the One Eye Islanders?

One Eye Island is a collection of randomly generated NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. The Cyclopes consist of 7,000 randomly assembled Cyclopes from many unique characteristics adding rarity and uniqueness. Each Cyclopes comes with a variety of outfits, faces, colors, and other features. All Cyclops are beautiful, but some are more unique and rare than others based on the randomly generated characteristics.

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How cool is my Cyclops?

First of all. All Cyclopes are cool. Different Characteristics added up with each other allow some of the islanders to be more rare than others. This allows the price to rise as the supply is limited for those that are rare. Once the Cyclops is revealed you can check the rarity inside the discord. There are some that are 1/1 with all rare characteristic and common ones with just one characteristic.‍

Why get a Cyclops?

First and foremost you are helping a great cause in supporting a variety of sponsored charities. Second you are participating in one of the greatest NFT projects to date with being part of such a great/strong community of island and NFT lovers. We will be donating tens of thousands of dollars to a variety of charities and having full transparency within the community.

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Meet the Founders

  • WarhawkWarhawk
  • HanzelHanzel
  • PimpPimp
  • JunkJunk
  • VeppyVeppy
  • AshAsh
  • PetdPetd

Project Roadmap

Our roadmap consists of a layout that’s designed to create an impact and make a difference in the NFT world with three separate phases. From community giveaways, AMAs, and more, our team is here to make sure the innovation of this project is done efficiently.

  • 1

    Phase One

    • Grow Project Naturally, Focusing On A Real Community Base Rather Than Bots
    • Begin Continuous Donations To Charities (See Discord)
    • Begin Continuous Giveaways To Our Members
  • 2

    Phase Two

    • Minting Of Cyclopes
    • Use Funds Raised From Minting To Purchase Private Island
    • Implement OpenSea Fee Structure
    • Get Verified On OpenSea
  • 3

    Phase Three

    • Begin Purchasing More Islands
    • Run Community Votes On Charitable Donations And Island Activities
    • Development Of Holder Votes To Decide Further Steps

Future of One Eye Island?

Cyclopes have plans to turn a percentage of secondary resales to accumulate larger and better islands. We will buy, sell, and trade islands to upgrade and improve the utility of this community We are a community focused project and will be allowing the majority to chose future features and integrations. We are for the Islanders.


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